Our concepts have affected the lives of millions of citizens across the world, yet we feel like we haven't even started.



Reinvented transfer passenger experiences through system design and delivered a business model that increased the value formula by 100x

Dubai Time - a system of products and data driven services that turn a city into a terminal and enable transfer passengers to create dynamic itineraries on the go

“What’s been going on for a week is probably one of the greatest achievements to date. Taking 5 propositions, delivering 5 prototypes in record time”

Kirsten O’Neill - Head of Government Agenda, Dubai Airport

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Delivered 100x ROI on a global project that dug deep into the heart of retail and created a new wave of sensible, social and hyper connected solutions/business models for smart FUTURE CONSUMERS, including more than 30 global brands in London, Berlin, New York, LA, Mumbai, Shanghai


CLIENT CONFIDENTIAL - Provided neutral space for government and industry to debate and discuss, not confront and conflict on critical matters that affect us all

Enabled an entire organisation to co-create their two year innovation strategy in a single week by combining INSIDE OUT and OUTSIDE IN expertise

Enabled a city with no long term financial security to take care of all residents through globally connected social and civil services

ARA - a platform for managing your financial security and work aspirations for the collective wellbeing, providing “degrees of citizenship” wherever yo go

“If you have a plan to do something in 10 years time, you don’t need to wait, you should do it now.”

Fatma Buti Almheiri - Director of Investment and CSR, Community Development Authority

Applied data science knowledge to prevent water scarcity and introduce readily available community solutions for coping with drought

Challenged old methodologies by retraining 1500 members of staff and created tangible first prototypes for their clients


“Hackmasters challenged us to be 10X better”

Steve Wilkinson, Managing Director EY UK

Reduced the ambulance arrival time from 8min to 0min and created a support prevention platform for citizens

Brought together multiple brands and CEOs to define and develop Future of Mobility strategy and solutions for the next 20 years

TADA - a data management and exchange platform enabling multiple mobility stakeholders to initiate hard to make projects through open value interactions

“You’re dealing with an eco-system with so many [stakeholders], it is an upward battle to come up with solutions that are both viable and implementable”

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Worked on 25% of “Dubai 10X Agenda” future strategy and created first pilots for multiple government departments

FARAH - a biosensitive guide to the city, taking into consideration the emotional patterns experienced by travellers before to guide you through places that will uplift your experience


“I want to encourage all our government departments to apply this process both internally and externally to get real change”

Her Excellency Dr. Aisha Bin BIshr, Director General Smart Dubai Office

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Enabled collaborations between different companies to create projects with bigger societal impact