It is no news that most models of ideology, economics and politics are in desperate need of re-invention or redundancy. Our cities are still dumb, mobility is disconnected, healthcare is breaking, energy is causing conflict and finance is only feeding itself. Dystopia is here. We made it. We just haven’t noticed it yet.

And we won’t until we re-evaluate our relentless growth mindset, that cares only about serving humanity more with what we do, without consideration of why we do it or who we do it for. Often at the expense of our home, Earth. THE CHANGE IS INEVITABLE. But it’s not going to be easy. (1).gif

Innovation has become the conspiracy of the mediocre majority

It’s easy to stamp a label of innovation on things that we perceive as novelty. But when we’re merely making an incremental change, can we truly call it innovation? The lack of courage and creativity and the tyranny of self-serving pragmatism means that most innovation is pretentious, often aiming to serve marketing needs rather than humanity. Delivering change most of the time as a replication of habit.


We are the prisoners of our own evolution

As human beings, we are designed to look for the optimal - most productive approach, shortest path, most valuable option. It is what makes us great survivors in what we do and how we live. But it is also what makes us very good at repeating what we do. Same approach, same language, same process, same outcome.

It is not easy to break habits or old truths, especially when they threaten the vision of a world as we see it, but it’s necessary in the process of becoming not just survivors, but innovators. (1).gif

Revolution required

Industries are on a journey to becoming technology platforms and technology platforms are likely to become distributed, autonomous and networked eco-systems where data has the freedom to move seamlessly. 

To shape the right mutations of such futures, radical transformation is required in both: our thinking habits and in the way work.

We need to activate the collective intelligence of the many to find few new worthy shared purposes.


The future IS a choice not an accident

What happens in one hemisphere is felt in another. We have the power to make huge change every day. Choice is better than chance.

Somewhere between capitalism and communism are new models yet to be explored. The politics of insecurity can only breed barriers – while a preferred future is all about openness and connectivity.

Ideology, economy and politics are still designed from the monocle of competition – while collaboration to seek greater knowledge and progression is critical. Disruptive technology is IP protected in market silos while old business models are sitting in the way of radically new progressive, adaptive and profitable eco-systems.


Master The Future Eco-System

To do this requires new forms of leadership. 

Leadership without followers but with other leaders as partners who are prepared to shape bigger agendas than their own. 

This takes un-precedented courage, creativity and collaboration.


Meet the new masters

Power can attract the worst and corrupt the best. The new masters will not win by hoarding power in the few but by empowering the many to unleash human potential at scale. Creativity should be served by technology, optimism by pragmatism, the many by the many and continuous lust for proof of progress that’s never a slave to pretence.